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Discovery is a quarterly magazine published by Nano Publishing Group.Leading studies in Idiscovery including bioscience, medical and bioinformatics studies are considered for publication in advance. The journal features works of exceptional significance, originality, and relevance in all areas of discovery involving in biological or medical science. These may involve biological macromolecules to ecosystems, from virus to human beings, from the physical to the psychological, including the basic and clinical research results and progress, and related disciplines of medicine, as well as works at the interface of other disciplines, such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Crop Science, Plant Protection, Horticulture, Zootechnical Science, Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural Resource Use, Forestry, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Power Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering, Mechanics, Architecture, Optical Engineering, Electric Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Water Conservancy Project, Agricultural Engineering, Nuclear Science and Technology, Food Science and Engineering, Light Industry Technology and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.
Article types include original articles, novel methods, reviews and scientific commentaries. Original articles, full-length papers are devoted to the scope and purpose of the journal. Novel method is to introduce some progress of method in some fields. Reviews should provide a comprehensive and scholarly account of a topic that has direct relevance and has not recently been covered in the literature. Scientific commentaries are short pieces related to an article published in the journal.
Our audience is the international scientific community as well as educators, policy makers, scientists, patient advocacy groups, and interested members of the public around the world. The journal will provide vitally important platform for you to report your findings. Idiscovery welcomes submissions all over the world, open access and continuous online publication.

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