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Idiscovery is an open access journal that focused on innovatively scientific research, even lack of strong datasets to support. The goal of this journal is to foster communic-

ation for novel discovery, findings, technologies and ideas, so a broad scope is provided to publish. However, it does not mean we will ignore the rigor of the methodology and the logic of conclusions. The journal’s publication criteria are based on the novelty of the ideas and rationality of the methodology and data.

Editor-in-Chief: Zhi-Cheng Xiao (Australia)

ISSN: 2313-0237

Available form 2015

issue:Volume 1 2, January 2016

Latest research
Status Quo of Higher Education of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Prospect of Elite Education Song-qi TANG1, Yun-hui CHEN2, Zhi-cheng FENG1,Li-juan WU2, Yi-qiang XIE1*,Wei HUANG2*.Idiscovery 2019;4(2):48-51

Song-qi TANG1, Yun-hui CHEN2, Zhi-cheng FENG1, Li-juan WU2, Yi-qiang XIE1*, Wei HUANG2*.Idiscovery 2019;4(2):48-51

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Scutellarin regulates NF-kB linking with IL-6, TNF-α and IL-1β and AKT to Promote Functional Recovery After ... Guo-Jiao Chen1 , Rei-Ze Liu2 ,Liu-Lin Xiong3* Idiscovery 2019;4(2):38-47

Guo-Jiao Chen1 , Rei-Ze Liu2 ,Liu-Lin Xiong3* Idiscovery 2019;4(2):38-47

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Scutellarin regulates PI3K and AKT by Netrin-1 to Promote Functional Recovery of neuron after Oxygen- Glucose ...

lan-Lan Shi1 ,Ting-Bao Chen2 ,Jia Liu2 , Idiscovery 2019;4(2):26-37

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