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Idiscovery is an open access journal that focused on innovatively scientific research, even including hypothesis lacking strong datasets to support. The goal of this journal is to foster communication for novel discovery, findings, technologies and ideas, and it covers a broad scope with novelty to publish. However, it does not mean we will ignore the rigor of the methodology and the logic of conclusions. The journal’s publication criteria are based on the novelty of the ideas and rationality of the methodology and related data. We sincerely welcome all authors to participate in submissions or peer review.

Editor-in-Chief: Jun Zhang (China)

ISSN: 2313-0237

Available form 2016.01

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Bioengineering Design and Research Institute,Yunnan;

Latest research
Indication of Featured Biomarkers between Human Lung Adenocarcinoma and Inflammatory Pseudotumor Using Gene Ex...

Ling Jiang,Yang Xu*

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Long intermittent treadmill training improves spatial learning and memory function associated with NT3 mRNA re...

Shu-Hua Song, Hang-Ping Wang, Li-Yan Ma, Xiu-Juan Dong, Ying-Ju Zhu

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Effect of electro-acupuncture at the Governor vessel in spinal cord transected rats associated with insulin-li...

Qi-Qin Dan,Xiao-ming Zhao,Xiu-Ying He,Qing-jie Xia  *

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